16 Sep 2004


GNOME 2.8 is out! Congratulations to everyone involved.
In this devel cycle we didn’t manage to work a lot on gedit, just bugfixing and maintainance work… we’ll see if we get a bit more time for it in the next months, otherwise we may get replaced by the NEW PROGRAMMING TECHNOLOGY.

I also decided to apply for for membership in the GNOME foundation… I already wanted to do it last year, but then I forgot… we’ll see if I’ll get accepted.


I submitted a bugreport to gtk requesting a simple widget which provides a ToolButton with a dropdown menu (like the Back and Forward button of a browser) since many apps in gnome have their own implementation of such a widget (gedit, epiphany, nautilus, evolution, etc)… my secret plan was to simply submit the bug and see someone implementing it like it happened for GtkAbout, but I ended up working a bit on it myself today, we’ll see how it goes.

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