09 Feb 2005

A couple of responses…

Ankh, I wasn’t claiming that gedit is better than textedit on your computer today, what I wanted to point out is that we (gedit and gnome) definately want to work in that direction: to do so we would love to hear from you why textedit suits your needs better… a webpage and a screenshot of textedit would be a good start :)

dfenwick, I totally agree with you about avoiding adding features just for the sake of it… however once a feature is added and its considered useful (and the recent files list is one of these considered my daily use of gedit and the number of bugreports we get) I think it should be implemented in the most nicely looking way, if the eyecandy doesn’t impact usabilty and performance. In this case it caused performance problems, but this was a problem with the implementation that we managed to solve.

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