28 Sep 2005

more gobby

Philipp Kern, one of the gobby authors, dropped by in #gedit after my last post. He is a cool guy and we agreed on many things, from one side reimplementing all the text gedit features in gobby sucks and from the other the old gedit codebase wasn’t a viable solution when they started working on gobby (limited plugin architecture, no win32 port[1]).

I don’t know if we’ll have a gobby gedit plugin in the future, given that gobby is looking like a lively and successfull project at the moment, but I can at least dream on :)

What is sure is that the gobby developers made the right choice of factoring out the collaboration functionality in a separate library and they would love to have python bindings for it.

That said, gobby works today and it’s a cool program. And don’t bug Philipp about missing undo redo, they are working on it :)

[1]: there isn’t a win32 port now either, but it would be way more doable, thanks to tml

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