09 Nov 2005


About a week ago I and ebassi decided to open a #gnome-it channel on irc.gnome.org (gimpnet): for the first days I just invited one by one the italian people I noticed hanging around in #gnome and #gtk+, but now that there is someone in the channel during most of the day, I think it’s time to give it more visibility, so…

gnomers italiani (hackers, traduttori, utenti), siete tutti invitati ad unirvi a #gnome-it su irc.gnome.org!

This is because there seems to be an increasing number of italian people involved in gnome, however we lack the flourishing community of gnome-es, gnome-fr and others… the old #gnome-it on freenode looked dead when I tried to join and it.gnome.org is outdated. An irc channel may not be a huge improvement but its a step in the right direction, so feel free to join and say ‘ciao’.

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