05 Feb 2006

GNOME icons

I totally agree with davyd here. I can understand some of the reasoning behind not using words inside the icons (for instance i18n) and behind the reduction of the total number of icons, but I wonder if we are throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
The recent unilateral icon changes also affect gedit badly: we place an icon of the corresponding mime type in the tab alongside with the filename. However with latest gnome all you see is a “plain text” icon for every file, completely defeating the purpose of the feature and making our work useless.

This may seem a minor detail, but it’s the sort of little detail and polish we put a lot of attention to and that now it is wasted… beside I found the feature pretty useful as it helped me to quickly distinguish different kind of files (typically .c, .h, and Makefiles) when glancing through the tabs.

On the positive side, the new “external tools” plugin by Steve Frécinaux included in gedit 2.13 to replace the aging “shell command” plugin, totally rocks: it allows to run shell scripts from gedit using the current document or document selection as input and placing the output either in the bottom panel or in a document. It also sets some env vars like the current document name and uri so that they can be used in the script. Here is a small gif screencast of gedit using the plugin (written in python) to launch a shell script to launch zenity to display a dialog :)

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