31 Mar 2006

It’s great to see gedit plugins pop up on planet gnome. I am already addicted to Richard’s devhelp plugin and seeing actual code for a collaboration plugin is awesome: remote editing is something we have talked about more than once in #gedit, but it looked like a fairly large task so we didn’t investigate the details yet. Leveraging Python and Twisted, jdahlin managed to create a first prototype in a handful of lines of code!

Speaking of plugins, Steve and Jesse agreed to maintain the gedit-plugins module which will contain a collection of useful plugins not included in the main gedit package. Inclusion of plugins in that module will be fairly liberal so feel free to get in touch we them if you want your plugin included[¹].

I feel this is a good time to give some visibility to some of the good plugins that people have developed in the last months:

  • Marcus Leyman developed an awesome FileTree plugin. This is something we really want to include upstream and David Jonas has been working on Leyman’s code to refactor it into a GtkWidget and adding some features to it.
  • Gábor Fekete has a CTags plugin. He is looking for someone to help him out, so if you are interested…
  • Frederic Back created a couple of useful plugins , in particular a python class browser
  • Markus Jonsson has a plugin to export an html file with syntax highlighted code
  • Guillaume Chazarain did a word completion plugin
  • seahorse includes a gedit plugin to encrypt documents
  • Mikael Hermansson has a small collection of plugins
  • Marcus Lunzenauer developed a plugin to add handy editing features like delete line etc
  • Probably more I forgot about… feel free to remind me :)

Thanks to all of you guys!

[1]: you still need to help them maintaining it, they are not superhumans :)

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