GtkSourceView Licensing: a social networking experiment

GtkSourceView has been living in a licensing limbo for a long time: we want it to be LGPL – most of the code is – but the original version of which only a bunch of lines remain was GPL.
With GtkSourceView 2 finally arriving (I’ll try to write more about that later, see nud‘s blog for now) we felt it was time to bite the bullet and try to get relicensing permission from all the contributors.

If you ever sent a patch to gtksourceview or wrote a .lang file and read this, please get in touch with us.

In fact things have been pretty smooth so far, except for getting in touch with Chris Phelps (chicane on irc), one of the original authors of the first version of gtksourceview, since his email bounces. If you know Chris’ new email address or know any way to get in touch with him please let us know.

Even better, Chris, if you are reading this after googling for your name, please contact us! :-)

By the way, this is my first post from I’m far from a frequent blogger and advogato always suited my needs, but the new ‘blogo’ is so nice that I couldn’t resist giving it a try. Anyway my entries should still appear on advogato, unless I made some mistakes in the rss configuration.

 Update:  Success!

Just a few hours after this post appeared on the planet, chicane showed up on irc and he agreed with the license change, so next GtkSourceView version will finally be LGPL! Special thanks do dcamp who put me in touch with chicane.

2 Responses to “GtkSourceView Licensing: a social networking experiment”

  1. Onkar Says:

    I had submitted a .lang file for syntax highlighting. I don’t know if it ever got accepted. I have no objection for using it under LGPL if you want. The tracker bug is

    Also let me know if you want the file in new format. gnusim8085 uses gtksourceview1 as editing component. If the .lang file becomes part of gtksourceview it will be helpful.

  2. Alan Says:

    Think I submitted a lang file for Scheme or Lisp or something but it may not have been the one used in the end. LGPL away.

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