Bits & Pieces

Last period was fairly busy and I didn’t get much time to hack on gnome related stuff… I hope to be able to catch up a bit in the next weeks, especially to take care of some great patches that are waiting in bugzilla.

GNOME Talk @ IBM Technical Conference

Thanks to Fabio Marzocca I was approached by IBM to give a talk about GNOME and ubuntu at a linux technical conference held at their IBM Forum in Segrate. Despite the fact I am not an experienced presenter the talk went farly well, slides are available here. At the meeting I also had the chance to meet Alessandro Rubini of Linux Device Drivers fame.

Google GHOP GtkSourceView themes

One of the tasks accepted for the Google GHOP program was writing five color schemes for gtksourceview. Will Farrington claimed the task and today delivered five good looking themes. Well done Will!
Check them out at on the wiki page.

I especially like Cobalt, so here is a screenie.gedit cobalt theme

Speaking of Google, this week I also received a Google SoC t-shirt. Thanks Google!

gedit without libgnome

MIkael Hermansson filed a patch in bugzilla to conditionally disable the libgnome dependency of gedit. As mentioned before I really look forward to disabling libgnome uncoditioally and this is definitely a step in the right direction as we work through the remaining issues.

6 Responses to “Bits & Pieces”

  1. rbultje Says:

    Nice theme, looks terminal-like, finally. Would it be possible to make the color theme (automatically) match the colors of your terminal preferences (gnome-term) for those terminal lovers amongst us?

  2. Luca Cavalli Says:

    Twilight is wonderful, thanks Will :)

  3. Karl Lattimer Says:

    Man that turbo theme really takes me back…

    These are great though!

  4. pbor Says:

    @rbultje: well, it can’t take gnome-terminal colors automagically, but a theme can decide to not set the background color and in that case the gtk color will be used… I guess you could hack a mini plugin to set a special gtkrc that uses the background color from gnome-terminal

  5. Yevgen Muntyan Says:

    How do you get rid of libgnome and still have authentication dialog for gnomevfs?

  6. pbor Says:

    Yevgen: you don’t… that’s why the patch would be a compile time conditional and off by default. In the longer term, switching to gvfs should solve that.

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