better late than never

We finally released a new developement version of gedit that reimplements printing using GTK+ print support. It also includes a custom print preview widget so that we can keep our current UI (print preview embedded in a tab). This means that we do not depend on libgnomeprint and libgnomeprintui anymore… it was about time!

Print Preview screenshot Print Preferences screenshot

Please test it, test it, test it and report any regression or problem!

8 Responses to “better late than never”

  1. baze Says:

    nice, already built me a package :>
    now please get rid of the old ugly not-gnome-matching about-dialog ;)

  2. Karl Lattimer Says:

    any chance of a split view so I can see the top and bottom of the same file in the same tab :)

  3. Sam Morris Says:

    Wow, just this morning I was cursing at gedit (2.20)’s lack of a way to format a document for landscape printing, and to print it out in draft mode. You read my mind! :)

  4. MacSlow Says:

    Is there any plan to – at least at some point – extract the print-preview and add it to gtk+ directly? That would be a very nice addition to gtk+ as a general feature.

    Best regards…


  5. menko Says:

    Yeah, pls standard about dialog with proper Icon in there :)

  6. √Čtienne Bersac Says:

    Congratulation, gedit is really a leading Gnome software :)

  7. Patrys Says:

    Then please also fix the pkgconfig file. It still requires libgnomeprintui :)

  8. Dirk Gently Says:

    Nice job on gedit and it’s components, I use gedit quite a bit and really like the way it’s built. A bit off topic but I was wonder how to edit the system color scheme file. I’ve edited /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/styles/classic.xml but I don’t see whats been done. I know it’s ok because if I put in the local directory ( ~/.local/share/gtksourceview-2.0/styles/ ) and rename it’s does just fine. I ask because there is another application that uses this file and a few colors are difficult to see with backgrounds that are darker. Am I editing the right scheme?

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