Glide Update…

May 2, 2010

Glide has gained all sorts of awesome things in the last few weeks…I won’t try and enumerate them all here I guess, because I think the codebase has perhaps more than doubled in size since I last blogged…

But heres a picture:

Besides the UI overhaul, there’s an actor printing system (vector PDF export!), a new archive file format, a new animation system (with Vala?!?!), and this whole new inspector thing on the right…

Try it out?

3 Responses to “Glide Update…”

  1. Tom Says:

    Again. So the GSoc for “Ease” will reimplement this in Vala? Do you talk to eachother? Why not have a GSoc for Glide?

  2. […] Robert Carr worked hard on Glide, including some undo machinery, a new animation system, PDF export support; he blogged about this and more in Glide Update…. […]

  3. cosku Says:

    again, why don’t you use *.ODP for its native file format?
    since it’s a project from scratch I really don’t understand the choice of using a new file format since interoperability is the single most important thing for office documents.

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