Ubuntu Desktop News

I’m sending this entry using blogs.gnome.org, thanks to jdub and everybody who worked on the new system which really rocks and is trivial to use!

Some news of the Ubuntu desktop:

  • New contributors have joined the desktop team and been doing a rocking work there, giving an hand on the merges and updates!
  • Desktop packages have been merged with Debian
  • The desktop has been updated to GNOME 2.19
  • glib 2.13, GTK 2.11 and pango 1.17 have been uploaded
  • xdg-user-dirs and xdg-user-dirs-gtk have been uploaded and will start being used soon
  • Michael Vogt and Travis Watkins have been working on updating compiz to the git version and packaging the new comcomm plugins, enabling them by default on the system supporting is a gutsy goal

The team is now working on GNOME 2.19.4. The packages which need an update are listed on the wiki, if you want to work on one of them just write your name next to it

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