Ubuntu desktop updates

  • GNOME 2.19.6 is now available in gutsy. Thanks to all the contributors mentioned on the WeeklyTODO, especially Áron, Baptiste and Fernando, you do a rocking job!
  • Daniel packaged rarian and I’ve made it easily instable now. If you want to replace scrollkeeper and give it a try what you have to do is to install rarian-compat. You can report bugs on launchpad or upstream on bugzilla. The new help will be uploaded soon and it’s likely that the next tribe CD will use rarian. Thank also to Don for the work on it and the quick reply to my questions
  • Ian worked on integrating the fast user switching work done by fedora and upstream in Ubuntu and fixed some bugs on the way. You can now install consolekit in gutsy and user switching should work nicely. That will likely be installed by default on the next gutsy CD.

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