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The FOSSCamp and UDS week has been nice and a good occasion to talk to upstream and people from other distributions. We had desktop discussions about the new technologies landing in GNOME this cycle (the next Ubuntu will be a LTS so we need a balance between new features and stability), the desktop changes we want to do, and how Ubuntu contributes to GNOME.

Some random notes about the Ubuntu upstream contributions:

  • Vincent asked again for an easy way to browse the Ubuntu patches and Scott picked up the task, the result is available there
  • The new Canonical Desktop Team will focus on making the user experience better, most of the changes will likely be upstream material and discussed there, etc
  • Canonical has open Ubuntu Desktop Infrastructure Developer and Ubuntu Conceptual Interface Designer positions, if you want to do desktop work for a cool open source company you might be interested by those 😉

GNOME updates in gutsy and hardy

  • Selected GNOME 2.20.1 changes have been uploaded to gutsy-updates
  • The GNOME 2.21.2 packaging has started in hardy, some updates and lot of Debian merges are still on the TODO though
  • We have decided to use tags in patches to indicate the corresponding Ubuntu and upstream bugs so it’s easier to get the context of the change, technical details still need to be discussed though

Update: Scott pointed that you can use to access to the current nautilus version

9 thoughts on “GNOME and Ubuntu”

  1. The broken out patches for Debian/Ubuntu brings tears to my eyes. Has this existed before? I always got so angry having to read a gzipped diff of diffs to figure out what’s going on. Bravo.

  2. regarding this, please have a look at

    it is a post of the g-p-m maintainer who does not seem to be happy with the solution. It would be great if the upstream collaborating could be improved further (sending patches to upstream authors / MLs) as other distributions do it (and Ubuntu profits from it, but others do not really profit of Ubuntu’s changes). It does not really support the OSS ecosystem.

  3. The website is not meant to replace patches forwarding, it’s just an easy way to browse those, most of the changes are sent to bugzilla usually

  4. It will be really cool to have ubuntu spatial patch in uptream…

    I use debian but can’t use spatial view as it make no sense for me to have one windows by opened directory…

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