Ubuntu stable updates

There was some blog entries this week about GNOME stable updates on Ubuntu. There is no reason new bug fix versions could not be uploaded to stable out of the fact that the SRU rules require to check carrefully all the changes and doing this job on all the GNOME tarballs is quite some work, or the ubuntu desktop team is quite small and already overworked.

There is a list of packages which have a relaxed rules though, we have discussed adding GNOME to those since the stable serie usually has fixes worth having and not too many unstable changes (though the stable SVN code usually doesn’t get lot of testing) and decided than the stable updates which look reasonable should be uploaded to hardy-update.

There was also some concerns about gnome-games, 2.20.3 has been uploaded to gutsy-proposed today which should reduce the number of bugs sent to the GNOME bugzilla. The new dependencies on ggz has also been reviewed and 2.21 should be built soon in hardy.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu stable updates”

  1. Are you aware of any plans for a rolling release for Ubuntu? I know that there was once talk of the Grumpy Groundhog as a rolling development distribution, but that never seemed to materialize as far as I can tell. Is there a chance that either that or a stable-ish rolling release would be established at some point? Just curious, because having some sort of rolling release that more technical users could work with would be able to identify and clear up issues more quickly, possibly even before releases because the infrastructure could be changed just enough that the periodic releases would come from the rolling ones.

  2. I’m totally for it. The only problem I see is that it could dramatically increase the traffic to update sites, but I’m not too familiar with the gnome package sizes these days.


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