02 Apr 2006

According to BenM, Ubuntu not using the GTK icon cache is a packaging bug. That is just wrong. The icon cache is used for the different themes, “just” not for “gnome” nor “hicolor”. Why not using it for them? Because the Debian GNOME maintainers consider the cache implementation as bugged at the moment. That has been discussed upstream and marked as NOTABUG.

The issue is that if your package doesn’t “touch theme_dir” the cache just “masks the icon”. According to the comment from dholbach, Ubuntu Dapper has 346 packages that would require to be updated for that. Knowing that some applications don’t like to have their icons “not installed” and just crash, that can quickly start beeing annoying for an user (you can discuss that the app should not have an issue with that, the fact is many of them do)

So from the moment you generate the icon cache from one package, you “break” the 345 other distribution packages until they are updated, and probably other packages distributed upstream, etc. If an user install any of those packages not updated or not shipped by the distribution itself he’s likely to face a stability issue.

The Debian GNOME maintainers have decided it would be better to make that cache robust before using it. I think it would be reasonable to retry without the cache when the icon is not found from the cache (it would only mean being slower for non-updated packages or applications instead of facing bugs because the application expects to be correctly installed)

BenM, you ask what you can make sure than every distro take advantage of the performance work? Maybe upstream listening to them, when they say they will not use the current implementation, instead of rejection the discussion as NOTABUG would be a first step. Making the icon cache robust would be better for sure

27 Mar 2006

According to the wiki page updates, the GNOME Goal #1 fixed by Vincent is working nicely. One small issue though is the use of the g_option_context_new() description.
The description of parameter_string has been updated for that

At the moment people use different variants: “- Description”, “Description”, “[arg]”,”App Name”, “” … some coherence would be nice.

What about using “- Comment from .desktop” by example? Maybe using g_strdup_printf(“- %s”, …) to use the existant translations for the comment?

25 Nov 2005

I decided that I should blog about Ubuntu/GNOME cools changes, so for this week:

  • Some packages update:

    – glib/pango

    – metacity (constraints changes, with edge resistance)

    – gtk-engines (clearlooks using cairo, with nice animations)

    – xchat-gnome (sets away status when gnome-screensaver runs, uses libnotify)

    – packaged nautilus-actions

  • The menus have been reworked (simplification, MenusRevisited)
  • A GConf transition, following the Debian changes:

    – a package split to fix the circular Depends issue.

    – merge of the gconf directory trees for better performance,

    – a new framework to easily set up defaults in Debian packages

  • An Ubuntu Desktop Team meeting
  • 27 Sep 2005

    New cool stuff, the Ubuntu desktop team has been announced, thanks to Daniel for pushing on that and writting the announcement.

    As described by the mail, some of the goals of the team:

    * we will triage and fix bugs on both http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com and http://launchpad.net/malone/

    * we will list new shiny desktop stuff we should have (no promise we’ll get any of them in for Breezy)

    * stress-test our favourite desktop environment

    * discuss and fix issues and bring some good hackers in, knowing how different parts of the desktop work and able to reply to some specific questions

    * create a technical place/list with people having good knowledge about specific desktop parts

    Feel free to join #ubuntu-desktop (freenode) if you have any question, are interested to do some work, want to chat about the cool stuff coming, …

    14 Jul 2005

    A new cairo has been uploaded to Debian this week which means than the new GTK 2.7/pango 1.9 can be built now. I’ve uploaded packages of the current version to Debian experimental.

    Note than firefox has some issues because gecko assumes than gtk uses pangoxft which is not true with cairo, you can workaround it by editing /usr/bin/firefox and not exporting MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO.

    (you can use “deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/gtk ./” for Ubuntu packages)

    05 Jul 2005

    Following GNOME 2.10.2, the new unstable version of GNOME (2.11.4) is here with a bunch of new and cool features:

    * sound-juicer is a player too now

    * gnome-vfs2′ hal code has been updated, now it’s possible to configure the kind of volume to put on your desktop with nautilus

    * libwnck implements the “urgent” flag now, useful for gaim by example which can use it when a message arrive

    * gnome-control-center ships a new “about-me” capplet

    * nautilus uses the GTK bookmarks now (for both spatial and browser mode), which makes its place menu coherent with the panel. The list mode has been changed to a tree. The font issue with some zoom level has been fixed. It has also a new bookmarks’ sidebar similar to the GTK fileselector side panel.

    * a lot of other changes, bug fixes, translations updates, …

    05 Jul 2005

    Some news on the Debian/GNOME packaging:

    * GNOME packages have been to updated 2.10.2, a lot of bug fixes and translation updates (don’t blame jordim who is lagging to update his package, he said yesterday he’s going to update them).

    * Thanks to lool, Debian has a pkg-gstreamer alioth project now. Loïc is doing a rocking work on that, and now Debian has updated gstreamer0.8/gst-plugins0.8 packages. If you have some interest to work on the project, feel free to ping him or to join #gnome-debian@gimpnet to speak about that.

    22 Jun 2005

    There is some discussions upstream about GTK 2.8 for GNOME 2.12, due to the fact than the new version (based on cairo) didn’t get a lot of user testing for the moment. Tarballs of glib/gtk/pango have been rolled, so let’s play with them and send some feedback upstream :)

    I’ve uploaded a glib2.0 2.7.0 package to Ubuntu/Debian (experimental) and put i386 gtk 2.7.0/pango 1.9.0 packages for Ubuntu on this page (you can also use “deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/gtk ./” for your sources.list).

    Some notes about the new version:

    – better to use cairo 0.5.1 because of this issue

    – it “breaks” firefox because gecko assumes than gtk uses pangoxft which is not true with cairo, you can workaround it by editing /usr/bin/firefox and not exporting MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO

    – I’ll upload the new pango/gtk to Debian (experimental) after the cairo package update than should happen soon

    10 Jul 2004

    New problem with nautilus/gnome in unstable, the new planner package overwrites the mime base and so breaks mime handling for GnomeVFS …

    Josselin Mouette bug has reported the problem.

    To regenerate the mime base (and fix the issue) just run this:

    $ update-mime-database /usr/share/mime