03 Feb 2004

This night some new package have been accepted. Now mono, gtk-sharp and hal are in the archive!

Nice nice nice :)

Hum, I’m using gnome-blog-poster to write here, but apparently the title field is not considered (or not displayed on advogato/debian planet), weird …

02 Feb 2004

Still trying to have the Gnome part of the BTS in a good state. This WE I’ve almost checked all the rhythmbox bugs staying here, forwarded a bunch in bugzilla and help walters to catch the problem with some m3u playlists. After that I’ve looked on metacity and nautilus bugs and updated some packages.

I’ve also started to look on mlview‘s code and made a small patch. The code is very clear and nice … dodji is really doing a amazing job here, I hope mlview will become soon a reference in the XML edition!

Today a new docbook-xml providing the support for xml catalog has been uploaded. It was a feature missing for a while, and having for sarge it really nice. Thanks guys for your work on this!

15 Jan 2004

Back from Paris where I was for work. A pretty hard problem to solve with NFS (connect error on some requests).

In fact the client doesn’t receive server’s replies on port 623 … the packets are on the network (according to network analyses) but not on the tcpdump output ! After some investigations, the problem is due to intel gigabyte cards which use port 623 for some extras function (as a serial connexion on the card) and just keep all the packets on this port … so linux never receive any packet here.

Setting a TCP and a UDP server on port 623 is enough to prevent NFS to use it (NFS client send uses 600-1024 port range) and to fix the problem (… but really a hack). Does somebody know a better way to do this ?

Enough with the job. After some days away from the PC I’ve a lot of mail to read … and also some new bugs to deal with, it will do some work for the week end!.

Nice to see that some new gnome’s packages are in testing, and that dh_conf is in debhelper now (thanks to ross)!

09 Jan 2004

Yesterday, before going to bed, I’ve tried to update my expired key again … and surprise this morning, it seems to have work :))

Thanks to the guys who have uploaded packages for me during this month (especially Julien Blache, Jordi Mallach, Josselin Mouette and Aurelien Jarno).

Now I have to go to work … and tonight it’s the Week End, nice :)

08 Jan 2004

I’m not really motivated to work for few days, I’ve probably not slept enough this week. So yesterday I’ve watched “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and I’ve found it’s a nice movie :)

This evening I’ve updated two packages (calctool and gucharmap), each one fix a RC bug … but I’ve not found any uploader for them atm :(

I’ve also help the Gnome french i18n this week by updating some po files, I hope that french translation will reach the 90% (84.99% atm) soon :)

05 Jan 2004

Ok, that’s my first post on a blog … I’ve just opened an account on advogato, and now I can post on Planet Debian :)

This evening I’ve worked on some Gnome packages. Rebuilt totem in a debug version (unstriped) for a bug report on bugzilla, then checked the problem with glade-2 (4 bugs reports about some XML problems) … it’s (again) due to the missing xml catalog so I’ve forward the bug to docbook-xml. Debian really need a working xml catalog for sarge !

I’ve also updated gdesklets-data, but since my GPG key is still outdated (the expiration date has been reached during the servers’ hacks, and I’m waiting to have it updated for more than a month now …) I can’t upload it. So Jordi Mallach is uploading it for me … thanks Jordi! And I’ve just installed gnome-blog on Jordi’s advice, seems to be a nice way to post on a blog … I hope it’ll work and post this message on the right place (should be ok if you can read it) :)