27 May 2004

gnome-settings-deamon’s crash

Ok, the xlibs’ bug that makes gnome-settings-daemon crashing has been found.

The fix is here

27 May 2004

Gnome 2.6 upload in unstable was going (too?) well. We have upload almost all the desktop today … and xlibs update has broken it (gnome-settings-daemon just crash now), what a good timing :(

Reverting to xlibs dfsg.1-1 solve the issue, so it’s a good workaround for the moment. I’ve put the .deb here so if gnome-settings-daemon crashs, just take this file and install it …

23 May 2004

Yeah, finally Gnome2.6 is ready for unstable !

First step in the unstable uploads: gtk+2.4. We have uploaded it with atk/glib/pango and the gtk2-engines* today.

Don’t worry if you don’t see big graphical changes, no new fileselector, etc … the applications using the new widgets have not been uploaded in unstable yet but should come soon.

20 May 2004

I’ve spent most of the day to review/patch/bug report the ‘unstable packages + gtk2.4’ builds. The result is here. We have about 30 build failures due to gtk2.4 and I’ve attached a patch for most of them, so it should not take long to have this fixed.

All will be probably ok now to have gtk+2.4 (and gnome2.6) ready for unstable at the end of the week.

19 May 2004

Gnome2.6 packages are now available on alpha (thanks to Ghe Rivero) and hppa (thanks to Jeff Bailey).
Thanks also to Goswin Brederlow who is doing packages for amd64 (available on ‘deb http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/pure64 experimental main’)
I’ve also completed the mipsel build with new libgnomeprint* packages and hppa.

So now we have full builds on 10 archs (alpha, amd64, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, ppc, sparc) and m68k in progress.

Other point: the libcupsys2/gnutls transition is going well, now libgnomeprint/libgnomeprintui are available again (in incoming for the moment).

Some progress on gnome related packages build too (thanks to Ingo Saitz who has built test most of the packages).
All the packages related to libgtk2.0-0 have been rebuilt, the list of problems is here. So if one of your packages if here, please fix it asap!
Now we need to bug report for all the broken packages (any help here is welcome too. If you want to help just go on #gnome-debian to not duplicate work and have the list updated).

19 May 2004

Some news on Gnome2.6 to unstable front. … apparently having packages built and tested on 6-7 architectures is not enough to have the right to upload in unstable, what’s wrong ?!?

Ok, so let’s continue to work. Thanks tbm for the mipsel access, thanks jbailey for the hppa and ia64 builds, and thanks GheRivero for the alpha build.

Now we have gstreamer 0.8 in the archive, so I’ve uploaded rhythmbox 0.8 and gnome-media 2.6 in experimental (they were on alioh before).

The new libcupsys2-gnutls10 is in experimental too now, so packages depending on libcupsys2 need to be rebuilt for the gnutls 7->10 transition. Hopefully the number of packages to rebuild is quite small. I’ve filled some bugs tonight, let’s wait some days now.

We continue also to build unstable packages with gtk+2.4 to track/fix problems with apps using some olds widgets and building with DEPRECATED flags. The list of packages to build is on alioth with the status of each package. If you want to help feel free to build some packages not tested yet and to report the bugs (with a patch if possible, that’s quite simple, you just have to remove the DEPRECATED flags). If you do some builds let we know in #gnome-debian (irc.gnome.org), so we can keep the list uptodate.

With all that I really hope that we will see Gnome2.6 in unstable soon. Keep up the good job people !

12 May 2004

New update of Gnome 2.6 packages’ status. Now we have 4 full builds (i386, ppc, arm and mips) and ia64 build in progress.

Tonight I’ve built a bunch of gnome related packages from unstable on my Gnome 2.6 box to have an idea of breakages due to old widgets/DEPRECATED flags usage with the new gtk+2.4 … the results are pretty good (less than 10 build failures for about 60 packages). The detailled list of packages built is on the status page.

Nice, all seems to be going well.

22 Mar 2004

Just had a gtk+2.4 debian package working after 2 days of crash for all gtk+ apps. The gtk+ build on my system links with libXft 1 and 2 … I don’t know exactly why, it seems to be a libtool problem.

BTW a pbuilder build and it works fine. I’m uploading a first package in experimental now, so we can go ahead and start to package gnome2.6. This package has some little problems (basically the faq and tutorial html files are missing from the -doc … the build-depends need to be checked) but we need it to work, so it’ll be fixed later in a -2.

Other good point on the debian gnome packaging, the new #gnome-debian chan has a lot of activity. A bunch of new members are helping, that’s really good!

Now we have a new Gnome 2.6 status page with a really cool logo, thanks handball :)

Ok, and the gtk+2.4 upload is now completed :)

05 Feb 2004

Update of rubrica and gcalctool packages to new versions.

After that I’ve worked on a first version of blam! package (a RSS aggregator using mono/gnome-sharp). Not really a success …

$ ldd /usr/bin/blam not a dynamic executable

So, no automatic Depends ….

Next step, the first start :

$ blam ** (Blam:4790): WARNING **: Failed to load library ./libsqlite.so (sqlite): ./libsqlite.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

$ dpkg -l libsqlite0 ii  libsqlite0     2.8.9-3        SQLite shared library

blam wants the .so file … so it depends on libsqlite0-dev (yes, you need a -dev package to run it …).

After installing libsqlite0-dev it works fine (there is some warning displays in the console but that works pretty fine).

Hum … and if somebody has an idea for the long description of the package it’d be nice :)