“apps.gnome.org” is Online!

Our Apps for GNOME website is now available at apps.gnome.org! It features the best applications in the GNOME ecosystem. Let’s quickly get into the most exciting aspects of Apps for GNOME.

    • Focus on participation. The app pages are designed with a focus on getting users involved in the development of the application. Whether it is feedback, translation, or financial support of the project. Apps for GNOME offers a lot of ways to get involved in app development.
    • Internationalization. This website is the first source that provides translated information about apps in the GNOME ecosystem. This is another small step towards lowering the barrier for getting into using and contributing to GNOME.
    • Up-to-date information. Apps for GNOME almost exclusively relies on existing metadata that, for example, are used in Software or on Flathub. Therefore it does not require extra work for app maintainers to keep information up-to-date. Better yet, Apps for GNOME is an additional incentive for maintainers and translators to optimize and translate that information.
    • Featuring apps that don’t fit on Flathub.  It’s not technically feasible to distribute apps like Software, Files, or Terminal on Flathub. Apps for GNOME gives those apps the web presence they are missing out on Flathub.

We certainly hope to extend those aspects in the future as this announcement only concludes a rapid development cycle of fewer than eight weeks from the first idea until today. We are looking forward to your feedback, and ideas, and contributions to this project!

If you are interested in some background information you can check out my previous blog posts. Let’s conclude with an attempt to catch up with acknowledgments: Kind thanks to Bilal and Felix for providing an AppStream library and libflatpak bindings for rust. Thanks also to all the translators that make such internationalized project possible in the first place. Last but not least, a huge shoutout to Andrea and the rest of the infrastructure team for the prompt support in realizing this project and keeping GNOME online. You folks are the best :)

4 thoughts on ““apps.gnome.org” is Online!”

  1. Cool, great work!
    Just a small nitpick, it could be a good idea to remove the “Get the app” button with a Flathub link for apps that are not available on Flathub, such as Files, Disks, Screenshot, Software, Terminal or Tour.

  2. Very nice site! I did find some apps i haven’t seen before. Very useful!

    Would love a RSS feed for when new apps get added. Would make it much easier to stay updated about new gnome circle apps.

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