That was 2022

In non-chronological order

  • Released Pika Backup 0.4 with scheduled backups and GTK 4 & libadwaita
  • Started working on a “Welcome To GNOME” website
  • Refactored to share a lot of code with “Welcome to GNOME”
  • Reviewed some apps for GNOME Circle and made announcements for new apps that joined
  • Upped my espresso game to an entirely new level
  • Removed 2600 obsolete lines of code from GTK because YOLO
  • First time without therapy after seven years … kind of
  • Got the rona from who knows where
  • Contributed support for the keyring format to oo7
  • Got a bunch of new chisels for woodworking and linoleum print
  • Contributed to screenshot guidelines and landed new screenshots for half of the Core apps
  • Got awarded the GNOME community appreciation award
  • Met a bunch of new faces at Berlin mini GUADEC
  • Hosted a BoF about app organization
  • Brought app organization and the new incubation process to life
  • Dared to touch the Flatpak background portal to make autostarting apps work again
  • Made some minimal contributions to libadwaita for the looks
  • My money don’t jiggle jiggle
  • Managed to fix a nasty bug with notifications disappearing for Clock alarms that had been bugging me a lot
  • Finally glazed my first vase
  • Launched app.drey as a publicly available app id prefix
  • Continued the queer conspiracy
  • Dropped the overly specific Key Rack app on an unexpecting world
  • Started building a model windmill on a far too small scale
  • Started an initiative to fade out legacy app branding that had limited practical impact so far
  • Deleted all my twitter accounts
  • Been part of a successful initiative to remove gendered terms and price differences between fits from the GNOME shop
  • Tried to convince people that we want to pre-select the location shown in the file chooser with little success for the relevant people
  • Landed some features for Loupe, like rotation, zoom, scrolling, Exif metadata, and a bunch of bug fixes
  • Noticed that displaying images on computers is fundamentally impossible and flawed
  • Added support for sending links for specific views on app overview and made many new fields available
  • Finally ordered the cat ears.
Petrol espresso cup with espresso on wooden board

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