Welcome to GNOME: A site to get started

Welcome to GNOME is a new site that allows you to explore how to get involved within GNOME. The pages are translated into different languages and provide customized instructions for more than 90 apps.

It’s the holiday season in many parts of the world. What better time to try out something new! On welcome.gnome.org you can now learn about the many ways to contribute within the GNOME ecosystem. The pages are currently completely available in Brazilian Portuguese, English, Indonesian, Russian, Swedish, and Ukrainian.


Some of our resources for new contributors within GNOME have been outdated for a while. Like with apps.gnome.org, I noticed that creating a contributing page for an app is usually quite repetitive work and the instructions tend to get outdated quickly. Therefore I wanted to automate the process. Another chance that these new pages give us is to translate the content. I think this can be especially helpful for new contributors to get started.

What we have now

The contribution instructions for every app on the new pages are automatically generated from data that is already collected by apps.gnome.org’s software. The auto-generated information covers translation, Flatpak installation, nightly version, issue tracker, and links to the relevant documentation for the used programming language. The instructions on cloning and building the app and submitting changes afterward are also adjusted to the app and the used git forge. This should usually provide all the information to get started with contributing to an app.

“Welcome to GNOME” start page in Ukrainian

There are also pages for the Design and the Websites team available. A page about programming has general information on how to get started with coding. The Translation and Documentation teams decided to not provide pages on the new website.

Things that I would like to cover in the future are libraries and everything else that’s not apps but part of GNOME. However, I don’t have any concrete plans for this yet.


Thanks to all the people who helped with proofreading the content and for the valuable feedback. Thanks also to the designers who helped with further tweaking the pages and to the translators for their work.


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