This was 2023

In non-chronological order

    • Created a new library, called glycin, for image loading
    • Spent a lot of time diamond painting
    • Fixed a bunch of image decoding issues
    • Had a lot of bureaucracy fun
    • Dived much deeper than before into GTK code
    • Moved flat after 14 years at the same place
    • Chased a bunch of 32-bit issues with increasing obscurity
    • Finished and published the Welcome To GNOME website
    • Managed another mental health crisis
    • Surprisingly didn’t get the rona this year
    • Installed all skirting boards but one in my new room
    • Wrote a small tool to track rust crate usage within GNOME
    • Got gifted a wonderful try-square
    • Learned that there are also psychotropics that noticeably help
    • Helped to get our new Image Viewer codenamed Loupe into Core
    • Noticed that energy is still quite limited and that it might be fibromyalgia
    • Watched the queer conspiracy intensify
    • Started writing libraries for Exif and XMP reading and editing
    • Somehow ended up in the GNOME Release Team
    • Started tiling things outside of image rendering
    • Regained some body strength
    • Setup a page on open collective for Pika Backup
    • Launched a Websites Team for GNOME


Light green demitasse with saucer and a spoon shining in rainbow colors. The cup contains espresso with brown crema.

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