17 May 2007

10:41 am General


Slowly, I am starting to enrich base.xml with additional
meta-information (and use it in gnome-keyboard-properties).
As a first step, I’ve added non-translatable (who would
translate “Microsoft” to Russian anyway?) vendor name. The
model choser on my HDD looks like this:

Thanks to GObject (namely, g_object_set_data), the
ABI will not change, while API will get a set
of #defines.

PS. Richard,
it is not a problem to automate chosing XKB model using HAL.
All you need is a table mapping USB (or any other HIDdy bus)
IDs to XKB model names. And a bit of code in g-s-d.

PPS. And it seems I will never ever ever ever get my
hackergotchi setup on p.g.o.

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