IDC (Russia) overestimated the TCO for FOSS, published incorrect report

9:15 pm foss

IDC (well-known analytical company Рor, to be exact, its Russian division) recently published the report analyzing the TCO for different approaches to IT infrastructures for schools. Namely, they look at proprietary solution vs FOSS-based solution. Unfortunately, that report turned to some kind of scandal Рeveryone, more or less familiar with the economics of  FOSS, raised brows quite high on some figures.

Today, the major Russian Linux vendor reacted: CEO of Alt Linux, Alexey Smirnov published the open letter explaining why the report was wrong – and why it should be withdrawn. I think this is a good practice, to publish more or less official statements when someone tells lies about FOSS. We are all quite vocal at Slashdot, etc – but sometimes someone should say something loud and strong. I hope IDC has decency … at least to react somehow – if not to admit, immediately, they did rather poor job.

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  1. Andrea Says:

    I read the open letter and I’m not surprised by the IDC study results: a very common pratice in this “free?!?!” global economy.

    Because of this:
    > as by the end of the year 2010, all of the 55,000 secondary schools in the country must decide whether to migrate to free software or to purchase Microsoft products

    Can I ask you to blog about the “end” of this story when you have the info?

    I’m just curious.


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