Good bye, Maemo. Hello, Android

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Now that I got HTC Desire, I bid adieu to my true and trusted n810. I owned it for quite a while – and I it was a very good friend of mine.

So, now let me check if that google phone is as good as they say… First things to notice (beside obvious excitements, I am not going to list them): poor support for syncml and …. Android Market only provides “free” section in Ireland! No way to get something non-free (not that I need that immediately, but still). That’s outrageous, with all major Irish providers selling Android phones! What does make .IE worse than the other island in the eyes of google (having huge office in Dublin, FWIW)?

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  1. Vasily Anonimov Says:

    >What does make .IE worse than .RU


  2. Pla Says:

    Power consumption?

    How long does a full charge last? I’ve read that the battery can easily go flat in a single day! I hope that is not true.

  3. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    @Pla: for a moment, that is true for me – but these are first days, all I am doing is playing with the phone, configuring, tuning, installing etc etc.

  4. Adam Williamson Says:

    pla: that’s pretty common for any mid to high end smartphone these days. They’re just trying to do a lot of stuff and battery technology does not move as fast as CPU / screens do.

    You can get a very nice sync experience with Google if you just suck it up and stick all your data in a Google account and use Android’s built-in OTA sync. Which kinda sucks from a privacy point of view but, sigh, what are you gonna do.

    The Market’s been like that in a lot of places for a while; they’re gradually converting free-only to pay-available, country-by-country. I imagine they’re probably just going by likely profit-to-be-gained, hence Ireland gets to be quite low down the list as it’s small :/ Canada only just got the switch in the last month or so.

  5. Chris Lord Says: – Might need root, not sure…

    Also, gives you the voice-search that for whatever reason is missing for the HTC Desire in the market.

  6. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    @Chris: thanks a bunch!

  7. Vadim P Says:

    Didn’t have it in Canada for a while as well, but eventually it came.

  8. Ted Says:

    The advantage of android is you don’t need to use the google app store.

    I’ve used both of these:


    or google:
    alternative android market

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