Keyboard -> Region configuration, GNOME3 style

9:42 pm g-c-c, gnome, libgnomekbd

Bastien did a really great job adopting the kbd configuration panel for the GNOME3 g-c-c style. Thank you, hadess! Even though the decision to drop the model is still questionable for me (discussing in d-d-l), overall it looks more consistent with other g-c-c panels than 2 days ago. Also, a number of bugs related to the keyboard rendering are closed (again, my gratitude to Bastien for filing them).

The future challenge for me is to implement “search” for layouts…

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  1. ethana2 Says:

    Search for layouts? Like, type the name of your layout, in your layout, and have it selected for you?

    I find the software layout guess questions all confusing, because my layout has ç and í and è and everything else with AltGr, but not without it..