libxklavier 3.3 and beyond

10:46 am General

Finally found time to release libxklavier 3.3. GNOME 2.20 users are recommended to upgrade – selecting keyboards per-vendor would be easier than browsing huge list.

Next logical step would be finally adding language list to every layout/variant in xkeyboard-config and providing that information through libxklavier API (and GNOME UI, gnome-keyboard-properties). Sure, as with XCI_PROP_VENDOR, it would be done by using g_object_set_data, so no API/ABI breakage would be needed.

2 Responses

  1. Alexander Shopov Says:

    When do you plan the next release of xkbdesc in order to update translation?
    Can you announce in gnome-i18n list?

  2. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    I think I’ll release it at some point in September-October (and thanks for reminding me that it is time to establish some reasonable schedule).

    Should I make the announcement _before_ the release?

    xkeyboard-config is officially translated by the Translation Project so I usually make announces to their list.