11:17 am maemo

TWIMC: I registered the project on The current code is in SVN. My plans (in no particular order):

  • Try upgrading to 2.0.9 (or latest 2.0.x whatever it is in SVN stable branch)
  • Fixing (at the moment, the only way to build is dpkg-buildpackage)
  • Trying to get as much code into upstream as possible. May be, separate client subdirectory would be needed (gui-maemo as a heavily modified copy of gui-gtk-2.0)
  • Eventually, upgrade to the freeciv trunk

And, sure, bugfixing bugfixing. No deadlines – my spare time is really scarce.

Everyone is very welcome to build, complain etc. Sure, patches are especially welcome.


3 Responses

  1. Michael R. Head Says:

    Sweet! I probably won’t have time to code or build, but I can probably find time to test :-)

  2. Imrahil Says:

    Yippee-ki-yay! I compiled your version from SVN and it works under Scratchbox! :)
    Let’s check on real device! :)

  3. eugene Says:

    Super. Definitely the “must have” game on maemo. I’ll try it and report bugs(if any).