n810 memory module format: Why?

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I would really love to look in the eyes of the person who decided that n810 should use MiniSD. And I would ask that person to find the card (on ebay or anywhere else) of 8GB or larger capacity (preferably, class 4 or better). Dealing with MicroSD->MiniSD adapters is a bit too much trouble…

MiniSD is nearly dead, as I can see. MicroSD and SD are reasonably popular. So why on Earth they’ve chosen the worst of 3?… SD on n800 was a very good idea – I could take the card from my Nikon d80 and show the photos straight on the tablet (thanks to great Canola).

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  1. anonymous Says:

    Потому что это нокия. Они нормально не могут

  2. saua Says:

    I’ve got similar trouble with my phone vs. my camera vs. my laptop.

    The phone uses MicroSD, while the camera and the laptop only support SD.

    My solution is rather simple:

    Only buy MicroSD and have an adapter in the camera and the laptop, which I only take out on the rare occasion that I need to use a normal SD card in there. At all other times there’s the adapter in there (usually with a MicroSD card in it in the camera and without one in the laptop).

    This way I can easily swap cards between those three devices without having to carry an extra piece of hardware with me.

    The only drawback is that MicroSD cards are slightly more expensive than SD cards, but the difference isn’t too big and I only need so many cards.

    Not a perfect solution but the best solution I could think of.

  3. troll Says:

    It’s like if the Nokia did not design the hardware for real in any case, the memory card format is not the only WTF the N810 has. Internet tablet without a way to get into the internet? Lol, that’s what counts mostly as a brainfart imho.

  4. Jon Pritchard Says:

    SD cards are clearly the universal memory format. I think the trade off of having a microUSB slot and an SD (SDHC) slot over size is worth it, for the compatibility.

  5. willie Says:

    agree that it was a terrible decision – and the primary reason i chose to instead buy two n800s instead of an n810… now my n800s are very happy with 32GB SDHC, with 64GB storage on the horizon! ah well, maybe next version/rev will be better?

  6. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    saua: yes it seems I’ll go that way too from now on…

    troll: “without a way to get into internet”? is wifi not good for you? or bluetooth connection to whatever mobile you have?

  7. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    Jon: microsd would be better than minisd of course, but they chosen minisd for some strange reason…

  8. Juri Pakaste Says:

    They use MicroSD in their phones too, where SD is probably physically too large. I guess they are more interested in consistency with their own hardware than with cameras, which does make sense.

    But yeah, at the moment, the capacity of a MicroSD is a bit limited.

  9. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    Juri: “consistency”? Do they use MiniSD a lot? MicroSD would be fine, yes. But not MiniSD…

  10. Juri Pakaste Says:

    Uh, sorry. I managed to completely misread your post. Yeah, using MiniSD sounds stupid.

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