DHCP+NTP and various OSes: Ubuntu, OS2008, …

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I am trying to establish my own time server in the home LAN.

First I configured a couple of Ubuntu instances (matter of adding “ntp-servers” to request specified in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf)

Unfortunately, out of the box OS2008 ignores NTP server provided by DHCP. In order to enable that functionality, I had to add a couple of lines into /etc/udhcpc/udhcpc.script:

[ -n "$ntpsrv" ] && echo "server $ntpsrv" > /etc/ntp.conf.dhcp

My next question is how to make MacOS X use that information (and check MSWin btw)

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  1. St├ęphane Loeuillet Says:

    To my mind, Windows (2000 and highier) only understands S-NTP (S as Simple)

    But as I’m not a Windows expert …

  2. Randall Wood Says:

    On Mac OS X:
    Open the System Preferences
    Open Date & Time
    Type in your NTP server in the top of the drop down menu of Apple NTP servers.

  3. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    Randall: I do not want to type anything in. The whole point is to make OS pick my local ntp server from the information provided by DHCP server (which does provide ntp server IP).

  4. Clark C. Evans Says:

    I’m wondering if you would be so kind as to include in the default xorg install a way to have CapsLock be Escape (and not swapped, just remove CapsLock). Having to spend 2-3h finding the low-level majic to make this happen is quite irritating. Thank you!

    – Dedicated VI User

  5. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    Clark: I will think of it again – but no promises. What I DONT want is creating the path for any sorts of “map X as Y”, for any X and Y vim/emacs/eclipse/… users might find useful…

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