gswitchit-plugins, GSoC 2008

12:46 pm g-a, xkeyboard-config

The latest release of GSwitchIt plugins is using libsoup 2.2. Because of the high demand, I am upgrading it to latest 2.4 (they broke the API slightly, bad boys!). New release is to be made RSN (actually, the code is already is in SVN).

In case if any student is interested in some fame in X Window universe (and bounty from Google or course), there is a couple of XKB-related projects on XOrg page (see Misc section). Feel free to contact me as mentor if you feel like doing it. A lot of fun (and some share of swear words – I’ll teach you some Russian ones, they are very rude) is guaranteed!

2 Responses

  1. Dan Winship Says:

    Doh! I forgot about gswitchit-plugins. Sorry, I sent patches to every libsoup-using package in the gnome-2.22 moduleset in jhbuild, and every libsoup-using package in Fedora 8, but gswitchit-plugins missed both of those criteria.

  2. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    Dan, don’t blame yourself. That package is really low visibility, which means it is entirely my headache.

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