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10:41 pm xkeyboard-config

There is a lot of legacy, practically unmaintained stuff in xkeyboard-config. I am trying to be very conservative regarding dropping it – there are people using old hardware, you know… The time has come for the sun-specific and sgi-specific rules. They are very old, Sun people do not use them. So, the files rules/sun* and rules/sgi* are gone now in CVS – and they will be missing in the next release (due in May). The layouts and keymaps are still there – that code is too precious to be dropped earlier than … anyway, not today.

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  1. ethana2 Says:

    Does this have anything to do with borked colemak layout in X, like the caps lock key and stuff?
    ’cause that’s bugging the heck out of me..

  2. ethana2 Says:

    (by ‘this’ I mean xkeyboard-config)

  3. dudus Says:

    Hey very relevant post for me. I just started hacking into xkeyboard-config for the first time last week, trying to fix bug #92652 on LP. I’m basically trying to add a new variant of Brazil Layout called br(br-intl).

    I saw that a lot of code is very old and that really mess things up for new people wanting to get hand dirt.

    If I happen to get the bug fixed I’ll sure will take it upstream. Also I’d suggest you take a look at the ubuntu source package as it has a lot of patches on current xkeyboard-config code base. Not sure if you’re aware of this fact. Two of the bugs are explicitly marked as send-upstream. I’m sure Ubuntu maintainer will eventualy send this upstream. If I had more experience I would certainly do it myself. But I’m just a first timer


  4. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    ethana2: yes, sure, “this” is most probably in charge. Please file a bug

  5. Jos Says:

    here’s the banner:

  6. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    dudus: I absolutely do not mind accepting patches. The usual flow of things (and distromakers usually follow it) is opening bugs in’s bugzilla, against xkeyboard-config (one bug per layout or variant).

  7. darkphader Says:

    this comment is for your dhcp+ntp post which does not currently allow a comment…and since this is moderated you can probably avoid having it displayed out of place

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