Keyboard is not configured in GNOME, in some cases

8:23 am g-c-c

In case your GNOME keyboard configuration is not working at session startup, and you start GNOME session using gdm autologin or startx from console (like in this bug), it was admitted (by Daniel Stone) it is an issue with X server (will be tracked here). Thank for clarification, Daniel (and for enabling my fd.o account as well BTW)!

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  1. kiwi Says:

    Yes. For about two weeks I’ve been thinking: hasn’t anyone else noticed this, and I’ve been thinking that maybe I should file a bug somewhere. But it’s great to know that it’s already been reported.
    Now I’m able to have my @ back, as I’m on a Macbook using autologin, and I’ve used the gnome keyboard configuration to set my left alt to act like alt-gr.

    (I used to have to go to gnome keyboard configuration and click on a few buttons before it would get activated, and most of the time I was just too lazy to do that for just typing @.)

    Now I can just move the mouse frantically and hit the keyboard repeatedly while X is starting and I can have my @. This is great stuff! I hope it gets fixed properly for the next release of everything.

  2. rvl Says:

    Cheers, I was wondering about this one as well.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s happening also here.

    I hope it will be fixed. It’s long time that I use autologin and I never had this problem before. Can be a regression?

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