xkeyboard-config 1.3

9:02 am xkeyboard-config

New release was uploaded and announced last night. Despite the hassle with the ssh keys, I made it in time (ok, 30 mins after midnight).

The highlights of the release:

  • A lot of information about countries and languages, in a form of ISO codes. Users of unstable GNOME 2.23.x are highly encouraged to try new xk-c and keyboard-configuration applet. I would love to see bugreports about errors in that information (missing/wrong codes). In theory, every layout/variant should be accessible at least 2 ways – per-country and per-language (well, some variants are multilingual and multinational).
  • Dropped sun/sgi rulesets. I do not foresee many complains – but if someone is still using them, please come to me and we’ll discuss the upgrade path.
  • For Russians: all your base are belong to us howtows regarding specifying “winkeys” variant are now practically obsolete. The default variant is winkeys now – because most of the people are using it (I suspected that for quite a while, voting on linux.org.ru confirmed it).
  • For Romanians: the default variant was changed (see this bug if you’re interested in rather hot discussion around that). Now it is “commabelow” (earlier it was “cedillabelow”). It might cause some side effects for users of early versions of Windows – but it is the right thing to do.

Enjoy! And please remember – some open issues with xkeyboard-config still require resolution on xkbcomp/xserver level.

PS It is great to see Nokia hiring people for maemo. I wish I lived in Helsinki – a couple of hundred kilometers from the best city of the world (if you happen not to know yet, it is St. Petersburg, Russia). But for a “family man” mobility is the word in the past tense :( BTW, I am always available for remote open source work offers…

3 Responses

  1. Darren Kenny Says:

    Hi Sergey,

    Since GNOME is cross-platform, and the main UI on OpenSolaris, not to mention that Xorg is the main X server on OpenSolaris x86 too, I think that removing sun rulesets is probably a bit premature… Sun have their own keyboards, which have extra keys.

    Please don’t assume everything is Linux…


  2. Sergey Udaltsov Says:


    Before doing this, I discussed that change with Alan Coopersmith who is known to me as the main X person in Sun. I would not do it without his approval.

    I never assume everything is Linux.

    Thanks for being on alert – it is better to get false warning than miss the important one.

  3. Darren Kenny Says:

    Hi Sergey,

    Thanks for that, just wanted to be sure …

    Good to know that you’ve been speaking to Alan.