Disappointment of the week

9:59 pm maemo

Maemo Diablo SDK cannot be installed on Ubuntu/x86_64. But I could install Chinhook, I remember! How has that regression happened?..

3 Responses

  1. daniels Says:

    Because the entire SDK is a trainwreck? I can’t remember it ever working on amd64: my amd64 work machines have always had to have an i386 chroot for that reason. Sigh.

  2. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    daniels: any chance this “trainwreck” would turn into something bearable?

  3. Ryan Pavlik Says:

    I gave up on directly installing it myself some time ago (also a x86_64’er here too) – I now just use the vmware image already installed at http://maemovmware.garage.maemo.org/ which is based on a x86 xubuntu and has some fancy things I don’t use (eclipse, python, and scratchbox integration I think) set up in addition to the core SDK you need to do stuff.

    Well, that, and I also sometimes build source packages natively on x64 and put them on the autobuilder, if I know they are correct source-wise and just need a few packaging tweaks.