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9:45 am maemo, xkeyboard-config

First, I would like to thank Nokia for ongoing efforts to develop the maemo platform. But what I do not quite understand is the silence regarding future software updates for maemo for n8x0. Will software “version 5” be available for us (officially or some kind of “hacker edition”)? Will it give us any benefits (all innovations listed so far are related to the new hardware)? May be, that info is already slipped somewhere – but I did not see it.Second, I just made first commit to xkeyboard-config from n810. Big thanks to the people who built git on maemo (well, GUI would be nice to have, but it is not critical). The missing piece in the “xkeyboard-config maintenance on n810” puzzle is the old “patch” utility – I could not find it, searching high and low. Funny enough… ┬áIf I do not find it, I’ll have to build it.

5 Responses

  1. daniels Says:

    Erm, just grab it from the Debian armel repo?

  2. Owen Says:

    Someone built git for maemo? Where? I’ve been looking for this and trying to build it myself for a while now, with no luck.

  3. az Says:

    Or you could just use git-apply…

  4. svu Says:

    daniels: well, may be that’s the answer…

  5. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    owen, I cannot tell which repo has it – I have plenty of them on my table. But what I did was just “apt-get install git-core”