apps[ruby][maemo] += prefcalc

3:08 pm maemo

One cannot say that ruby is a popular language for maemo platform.  Nevertheless, I spent some time on prefcalc. This is basically calculator for quite popular (at least in ex-USSR) card board game. It is just a calculator, not a way play the game (no AI…)

Version 0.3 should be generally usable on your average desktop linux (if you install .gem) But on maemo… It seems ruby port still has some way to go till becoming stable. Every now and then I keep getting error messages (+crashes) regarding “object allocation during garbage collection phase”. Dear lazyweb, is there any bugzilla to report these things? At least does not have anything about ruby 🙁

PS Well, if you still want to test it on your tablet, take the code from SVN

PPS I know, there is Java-based program for the same purpose: prefcount.

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