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TWIMC. If you want to hear Russian “text to speach”, you need the package maintained by Nickolay Shmyrev (really high quality). It was already packaged for Debian. I made nearly identical deb for ubuntu 9.04, in my PPA. Feel free to check and download.

But actually I would love to see that from the box in 9.10 repos. If you share that idea, please raise your voice in that “needs-packaging” bug.

It would also be cool to apply Russian voice to flite, so maemo-mapper/n810 would give directions in Russian…

PS A bit of annoyance. festival has funny effect: last ~0.3s of the sound sequence is doubled, which sounds like a person with some lexical defect. Is it between festival and alsa or what? It does not depend on the chosen voice, English or Russian

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  1. Vadim Says:

    Thanks for the ppa!

  2. SeaJey Says:

    Цвет ссылок не отличается от цвета основного текста, подчёркивания тоже нет — не userfriendly! 🙂

  3. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    Про юзерфрендли – это не ко мне, я использую дефолтный стиль. Сам оформительством заниматься точно не буду;)

  4. SeaJey Says:

    Ещё с зависимостями проблема:
    Зависит: festival (>=1.96), но будет установлен 1.96~beta-7ubuntu1”

  5. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    Чорт бы побрал эти беты, никогда не поймешь что о них думает деб…

  6. foo Says:

    How about putting it into Debian, that way Ubuntu and all the other Debian-derived distros can use it.

  7. Sergey Udaltsov Says:

    2foo: it is already in debian, but for some reason ubuntu did not pick it. That is why I filed a bug. Then, it is up to the ubuntu folks – whether to pick it from debian or from me, the difference is nearly zero.

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