30 Mar 2007

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A number of users complained that in 2.18 the keyboard
indicator does not show the short layout names properly
after the GNOME session restart – it shows internal XKB
identifiers instead. Now I know why.
DBUS session envvar avialable to bonobo-activation-server
points to the previous (non-existent) session. The bug is
half year old :///

16 Mar 2007

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2.18 is out. Great. Finally, libgnomekbd has all GNOME
keyboard-related libraries consolidated and separately
managed – so supporting
stable series should be easier for me. I just wonder when
libgnomekdb is going to get its own bugzilla entry

Now, with GSoC about to fire – any students who’d want to
improve keyboard capplet and make it usable?


Freedesktop.org won – they got my hackergotchi installed
first. p.g.o still does not have it.


Ubuntu clams to support OSS nVidia driver. Is anybody
volunteering to provide snapshot debs for feisty? Or at
least some howto similar to this
one for Fedora

12 Mar 2007

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… And I wonder, which of the two: planet.gnome.org or
planet.freedesktop.org would first put my (corresponding)
hackergotchi in place?..

12 Mar 2007

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Upgrade of my laptop to Feisty (Herd 5, of course) passed
rather smoothly. I just wonder – is there any chance they
release PowerPC ISO? Or – is Ubuntu’s PPC support dropped to
the point where there will be no PPC ISOs any more?

27 Feb 2007

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Video editing on Ubuntu/PPC

Yesterday tried to edit some personal .avi files using
Dapper. Unpleasant surprize – neither kino nor pitivi even
starts editing. Pitivi dies at startup (low level X Window
error “BadWindow”), kino – while reading media files
(trivial segmentaion fault). Too bad :/

22 Feb 2007

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N800 + GPS

Yesterday I got cheap BT77
Bluetooth GPS module
(16 channels), charged overnight –
and drove to the office checking my way on N800. Sweet. Maemo
is really nice piece of software, no kidding. I
just wish it to be a bit more stable – for example, not to
die when BT connection dies. Other than this –
it “just works” © for me.

21 Feb 2007

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Now that ESR is moving from FC to Ubuntu – is it another
reason (other than dropping official PPC support) for me to
move back from Ubuntu to FC?..

14 Feb 2007

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Strongly disappointed by the
decision of Ubuntu board regarding
dropping of official support for PowerPC
. If things progress
this way, in a couple of years I’ll have to install Gentoo :///

09 Feb 2007

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Nokia N800

Hardware Easter Eggs are much more exotics things than
Software Easter Eggs. Nokia did it. N800 happened to have FM
radio inside. Yesterday Nokia provided the application
(well, the applet) which wonderfully utilizes that
capability. Really nice touch. May be, a week later someone
finds 3G hardware in this wonderful (like in “full of
wonders”) device?

26 Jan 2007

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It seems fd.o’s bugzilla is broken. It neither sends mail
notifications nor allows putting attachments (“The file you
are attaching is empty”). Too sad:(

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