Another busy week

I realized today that it’s been a week or two since my last public update regarding the GNOME Sysadmin team. We’ve been working away on things and are making good progress. Let me just toss out a few things that we’ve done in the past week:

  • Worked with the marketing team to publish If you haven’t seen the announcements or the site, take a minute and check it out.
  • Added some spam filtering to the foundation blog and a few others upon request. Hopefully that has already shown improvements.
  • Submitted the Sysadmin hackfest proposal to take place at SCALE 2011. See
  • Did some follow-up regarding hardware donations.
  • Worked with a sponsor which has graciously agreed to donate domain transfers and registration for all the foundation domains.
  • Continued work on Nagios including a new Python web interface, automatic per-host monitor generation and more efficient testing.
  • Started the RHEL 6 build out and testing with two VMs. We’ll be migrating from nss_ldap to sssd for authentication and caching, which is part of this update.
  • Spent time on researching and planning a migration of to a subversion-managed WP 3.x installation. This is ongoing.

All this has just been the highlights over the last seven days. There has of course been all the regular maintenance that goes along with it.

I think things are really going well and we’re keeping our queues clean as best we can. Next month three of the Sysadmins will be together at SCALE and we’ll have a lot more to report regarding our planned projects then.

As usual, if you need anything from us please email me (cedwards AT gnome DOT org) or drop into #sysadmin on

Progress Report – Jan 10, 2011

I thought I’d give a quick progress report after taking a long three day weekend. While my break was nice, I came back to quite a few tickets and emails to take care of. I think I’ve managed to get ahead of everything again. We’ll see how long that holds up this week!

This morning was a lot of Bugzilla/RT queue management. Account creations, mailing list creation, migrating a project from Google Code to GNOME, etc. Nothing terribly exciting. I’ll also need to remember not to let the moderation queue go for that long again. Usually I attend to it once daily. After nearly four days it took quite some time to moderate everything in all the queues!

One nice thing that I did manage to finish today was the addition of more monitors in Nagios. We had to wait for a firewall exception at the Red Hat data center, but I’m now able to remotely monitor much, much more on a large number of servers. Today, for starters, I added a monitor for load averages. I was also able to fix the monitors for a few mysql server checks. I’ll continue to add more until I feel like all the critical bits are covered.

What else is on the list for this week?

  • Submit Sysadmin hackfest proposal to take place at Scale 9x in Feb.
  • document all allotted IPs and corresponding hostnames.
  • attend to nearly full filesystem on window
  • re-address building the RHEL 6 vm for the wiki migration

Let’s hope we can get all of this done this week. Fingers crossed.