NetworkManager 1.26.0

NetworkManager is a software to provide an API for configuring the network on Linux. It aims to make configuration simple and reliable.

A new NetworkManager version 1.26.0 was released today.

Speedy has already upgraded to the latest version.

See the NEWS file for what is new and find the release tarball at the GNOME download page.

  • New manual pages nm-settings-nmcli and nm-settings-dbus. NetworkManager is all about the API that it provides. And this API is mostly about connection profiles. Depending on whether you use nmcli, D-Bus, keyfile or ifcfg-rh files, the properties of a profile are handled slightly different. For example, in nmcli all properties are strings, but on D-Bus they are structured data. So we also need different documentation. For that, we have now the manual pages nm-settings-dbus, nm-settings-nmcli, nm-settings-keyfile and nm-settings-ifcfg-rh.
  • Match profiles by device driver, PCI address and kernel command line. Connection profiles can be restricted to a certain device (interface). Commonly the interface name or the permanent MAC address can be specified. Since 1.26.0 there are two new matches: by device driver and by the device path. The device path essentially corresponds to the PCI address of the interface. Also, you can match a profile based on the kernel command line. That means, a profile will only be usable, if the kernel command line is as specified. For that, there are 3 new properties. In nmcli, they are called match.driver, match.path, and match.kernel-command-line. See the nm-settings-nmcli manual for details.
  • nm-cloud-setup now supports Google Compute Engine (GCE). nm-cloud-setup is a tool that automatically configures the network when running in a cloud environment. It already supported Amazon EC2 cloud and got support for Google Compute Engine (GCE).
  • Support for ethtool settings for coalesce and ring options. NetworkManager now supports ethtool coalesce and ring options in addition to offload features. For that, configure the ethtool properties like ethtool.coalesce-tx-frames.
    Also, NetworkManager now restores the previous ethtool auto-negotiations settings when deactivating a profile. That is important, because with the wrong ethernet speed settings the link will have no carrier.
  • nmcli now colors profiles for externally configured devices differently. When a device is configured outside of NetworkManager, then NetworkManager creates an in-memory profile to represent that the device is connected. But it does not touch the device in any way, so these devices and profiles are special. This is often a cause for confusion. Now nmcli color codes these settings differently.

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