Watching Steve Jobs Keynote

So Wim discovered that he was unable to view the keynote that Steve Jobs did at MacWorld. The reason was that it was using some weird Quicktime RTSP format which none of the open players seemed to support (could be that they do in their CVS versions). So he hacked up support for it in GStreamer building on the RTSP work which I mentioned a few days ago.
The result looks like this:

The RTSP uri in question is this (needs CVS GStreamer of almost every module)


The link from the browser doesn’t work yet, but I think thats probably some player detection or playlist parsing issue.

5 thoughts on “Watching Steve Jobs Keynote”

  1. VLC on windows worked fine for audio only, without QuickTime installed, once QuickTime was installed, VLC played quite nice.

    I was unable to get it working on linux with anything. (I failed to try mplayer with live555 support).

  2. Interesting. Usually I’m albe to extract (read: figure out) how to get hold of the real .mov-file to download to disk. But not for this one. How did you get hold of the URL in this case, Sören?

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