3 Months at Red Hat in Brno

So I got an email yesterday telling me I hit the 3 Month milestone at Red Hat. It has been an incredible experience so far and it has been a joy meeting all the talented people working for Red Hat here in Brno. Been a lot of ramping up for me, learning and understanding the Red Hat release processes and the tools we use. I think one of the things I appreciated the most during my time here is seeing how Red Hat even now as a large billion dollar company has stayed so true to their values, and how you see the belief in the open source model is not just something you see among the engineers and technical staff, but even among the top manager of the company, going all the way up to the CEO.

There are also a lot of really nice efforts and programs being run here in Brno with the company having an impressive level of interaction and collaboration with the local universities. Red Hat staff do lectures, mentor bachelor and master projects and let a large amount of students work with us as interns. And more often than not those internships leads to a job with Red Hat.

Yesterday we had a big party here in Brno to celebrate the opening of our new office building, as having reached a headcount of 500 here in Brno, the current building was starting to feel quite cramped. The bottom floors of the current building will be emptied out now and rebuilt, so that they are ready to house the next batch of new hires. We have a nice space set aside for the Brno desktop team in the new building, so this Friday we will all be moving there which I think will help us work even better together.

On a personal front my wife and daughter arrived last week after we finally manage to get my wife a visa and this morning the moving truck arrived with our stuff from the UK. Next step is a raid to IKEA to fill in the missing pieces. So all set for the next Months and years here :)