GStreamer 1.x documentation getting a boost

GStreamer maintainer Wim Taymans decided that having a brand new GStreamer 1.x series was only worth the effort if we also had some nice up to date documentation for GStreamer 1.0. So over the last week he has been going over the GStreamer Application Development manual making sure it is up to date and fixing all the code examples and adding new chapters even. So if you want to get into GStreamer development our introduction manual should now be a good starting point again!

One thought on “GStreamer 1.x documentation getting a boost

  1. Hi,

    A year ago about, I started with Stefan Kost to convert the manual to asciidoc. The idea was also to merge several documents together (manual, pwg and faq), and to add new chapters.

    I have been using XSL to convert from docbook to asciidoc. The automatic conversion produces a _mostly_ asciidoc compliant document, that would need to be fixed and beautified by hand. Writing a complete docbook to asciidoc XSL sheet is not worth the effort. XSL can be a real pain. So my plan was to proceed in two steps. Step one : automatically translating most of the document markup. Step two fixing errors by hand and beautifying the asciidoc text.

    I am willing to continue this effort if it is still useful. There is not much to do now, as I believe that I covered most of the docbook markup used.

    What is needed now ?
    I needed someone to proofread the asciidoc and check if no docbook content has been stripped out. If someone is familiar with the documents, if something is missing it should jump to the eye.

    Note 1: the produced html shows clear formatting errors (like several lines get bold, etc.).
    Note 2: It does not have to be 100% sure to continue, because if a little content is missing, we can easily bring it back later. But some level of confidence would be good.

    Then, I would fix the asciidoc.

    If people is interested in more details, I can check out my emails with Stefan.

    git pull
    && cd docs/manual-asciidoc
    && make

    PS: I am also the person who did the new diagrams in the manual. If there is need of more or modifications, just ask!

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