More hiring! Join the Red Hat desktop team and make a difference!

We are looking for some more people to join the Red Hat Desktop team. We have some flexibility on the tasks we need these new hires to do, so we are casting the net wider this time. We are open to candidates from anywhere in the world where Red Hat has an office. For the right candidate working from home is an option, but you would still need to live in a country where we have an office. That said candidates interested in joining the 500 people strong and growing team at the Brno office in the Czech Republic will be preferred, especially in cases where we have multiple candidates with similar skill levels.

We are looking for people who would be available to join Red Hat sometime this year, so if you are a student and graduating this summer you can still get in touch. We don’t have a hard list of requirements, but of course experience with any of the below items or similar will increase the likelihood of us being interested, and candidates with existing open source contributions will always be preferred over candidates who has never contributed to an open source project before.

  • C/C++/Python/Vala
  • OpenGL/Clutter
  • JavaScript/HTML5/WebRTC
  • X Windows
  • Touch screen technologies
  • GStreamer
  • D-Bus
  • LDAP/Active Directory

So if you want to join the worlds leading Linux company and help make the desktop rock, please send an email to Tyler Siprova who handles the hiring process for us in the Desktop team. She can be reached at tsiprova(at)redhat(dot)com. Be sure to refer to this blog entry in your email so she knows the context of your application. Be also be aware that I will be at the FOSDEM conference in Belgium in February, so if you are interested I would be happy to sit down with anyone interested to talk about the opportunities we have here at Red Hat, so if this is of interest be sure to request for such a meeting to be set up in your email to Tyler.

9 thoughts on “More hiring! Join the Red Hat desktop team and make a difference!

  1. Did you mean to add a link on the “Red Hat has an office”?
    It suspiciously looks like it, but fails to work, *presumably* due to the missing URL ;-)

    On-Topic: Are you also looking for interns?

    • Hi thanks a lot for that. Fixed the missing link. And yes we are looking for interns, but unfortunately we are only able to accept interns studying at Czech Universities for the intern positions here in Brno. Could be that other offices also do intern programs, but I don’t know the details about them.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing that with us. I personally have some GTK+/GNOME and C/C++/Python experience. A few friends at Red Hat here in France already told me in the past to apply, but it’s just now that I’m ready to switch jobs.

    BTW, I’ll be at FOSDEM too, with the GNOME folks.

  3. I have a dream to be hired by Rad Hat to contribute opensource projects hard. Unfortunally the have no office in my country at all. :(

    • Well if you are interested in relocating to our Brno office (which as someone who moved here myself just 6 Months ago can say is a very nice place) you should send us your CV :)

      • It’s good idea. Moreover, I have some relatives there. :)

        However, I have not much experience in hacking. I don’t feel than I can meet your requirements. Probably I can join to it by GSOC which can be easier to me or so?

        • Well I don’t know your skill level so I can’t say one way or the other, but we are also looking for people with what one could call ‘entry level’ skills, so never say never. But in general I would recommend anyone strongly to do a GSOC if they can as a successful GSoC project is a great item for someone to have on their CV when graduating, especially if its with a project related to the business of the company you are applying to.

          • Thanks. Can you recommend some project, tasks (within Gnome, i.e.) to participate this GSOC to become interesting for your requirements?

          • Actually I would say that almost any GNOME, or GStreamer GSoC project you successfully complete would make you a top tier candidate for any entry level position we have. Proof that you understand the basics of gobject based programming for instance is more important than the specific project you do. But if I was to make a specific recommendation it would be to look into a project involving trying to implement some of the designs from the GNOME design team, as it would both show your ability to take a visual design and turn it into code and at the same time give you experience with implementing according to the GNOME design principles.

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