Steam on Fedora – Lets get gaming!

As you probably already know Steam is now available for Linux. While it is currently officially only available for Ubuntu you can run it on Fedora too. Tom ‘Spot’ Callaway has made this yum repository available. So just put the .repo file you find there into your ‘/etc/yum.repos.d/’ directory and you should be able to do ‘yum install steam’. I been running this repository through the beta period and the games I tried so far works great. Crusader Kings 2 is my clear favourite so far.

A screenshot of Steam running on my Fedora 18 desktop –Screenshot of Steam running on Fedora

3 thoughts on “Steam on Fedora – Lets get gaming!

  1. Great tip, thanks! Installing as we speak. Just read on reddit that if you play Team Fortress 2 in Linux by March 1st, you get a free in-game Tux the Penguin. :)

  2. Thanks for publishing that repository – tried Team Fortess 2 for first time, got my ass handed to myself due of lack of FPS playtime :)

    It’s hard to believe that it’s happening. Thank you Valve.

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