Taking on a new job at Red Hat

So I assume most of you have read Jonathan Blanfords blog post about leaving Red Hat and me taking over for him as head of the Red Hat desktop team. First of all I would like to thank Jonathan for both his contributions to GNOME and Red Hat, but also for being a good friend for over a decade now. Luckily Linux is also a major piece of his new job, so I am certain we have not seen the last of Jonathan in the community.

For the outside observer I wouldn’t expect any immediate visible changes to happen as part of this transition. My job is to follow up on the many great initiatives that Jonathan started here together with the rest of the team. One major piece I will be tackling is making sure we in the Red Hat desktop team work even closer with the Fedora community to bring forth some great improvements to Fedora and created an even more integrated and seamless experience for those wanting to use the Fedora desktop. This ranges from working with the Fedora team on a new software installer to working on getting Wayland ready for deployment in Fedora. Apart from that we will of course continue to work with the GNOME community on pushing GNOME 3 forward. I strongly recommend following Matthias Clasens blog to get the latest and greatest news on our efforts around GNOME 3.

I hope to post to my blog more frequently going forward to highlight exciting developments the many great projects the Red Hat Desktop team contribute to, like GNOME, LibreOffice, Firefox, Spice, Evolution, X Window/Wayland and more.

3 thoughts on “Taking on a new job at Red Hat

  1. Congratulations on the new job Christian!

    I can’t wait to see more evolution of the Desktop!

  2. Hi Uraeus,
    Do you have any kind of agenda or road map?
    Perhaps something like unifying the various system-config-X into something cohesive and builtin by default?
    That would be huge for desktop Linux since configing has long been a massive gap between us and the other OSs.
    If you lack man power for this but are interested in the idea I’d be happy to help.


  3. Hi Christian!

    Just wanted to offer my congratulations for the new role! You are an awesome guy, and while you have some big shoes to fill in Jonathan’s position, I (and the rest of the community) have no doubt that you will do a phenomenal job.

    Congrats again, and the best of luck with the new job! :-)


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