NDAS on Linux

Anyone know how to use Ximeta’s ndasadmin tool to access existing, non-FAT32 partitions on an NDAS disk from a Linux box? I have my NDAS drive partitioned into three (one ext3, one HFS+ and one FAT32). I can access all three partitions over the net from OSX, and from Ubuntu via a direct USB connection.

The instructions on Ximeta’s website, and this post on the Gentoo forums, suggest it’s perfectly possible to see non-FAT32 partitions if you partition and format the drive from the Linux box. I’d rather not reformat my drive, but right now all I can see over the net is the FAT32 partition. Any clues?

2 Responses to “NDAS on Linux”

  1. Goswin says:

    Hey, I just ran into your post on planet.gnome.org, and I kinda have the same question. I just ordered a 250GB disk and an AluBox from AC-Ryan which has a network jack and uses this NDAS protocol.
    I plan on using it as a fileserver/backup disk in my network (win/lin), but am uncertain of its cooperation with Linux. Would you foresee any problem if I use it as such?

    I’ll check back to see if you receive some useful tips.

  2. calum says:

    Well, the Linux NDAS driver (assuming it’s based on the Ximeta one, as most of them are) is still classed as beta quality, so I guess you’d have to decide whether to trust beta quality software for your backups. It should be theoretically possible to do what you want though; as I mentioned in my post, it just looks like you might have to do the partitioning/formatting the NDAS disk from Linux, if you want Linux to be able to read/write to all of them.

    I have to say I’ve occasionally experienced some corruption even using the stable driver on OS X, although I haven’t noticed any problem with the Windows one, which presumably has had the most testing.