All set… ish

So, here starteth my last week’s work as a single bloke. The next time I sit at my desk on a Monday (the first one in October), it’ll be with a resized-but-still-doesn’t-really-quite-fit ring on my wedding finger, if I haven’t managed to lose it on a South African beach by then.

The arrangements have been far from smooth, and I’m secretly regretting not having a stag night1, but otherwise (largely thanks to Julie) things are about as organised as they’re going to be before Saturday week. Speaking as someone who generally hates weddings2, churches and being the centre of attention, I’d be lying if I said I was completely psyched up for the occasion just yet, but I’m sure the end will justify the means!

Now, back to all that work stuff I need to finish before I disappear for a month…

1A choice I made partly because most of the people I’d want to invite are scattered too thinly and widely around the planet to have any chance of attracting a critical mass, partly because stag nights in Dublin aren’t quite so appealing when you live here and have to wade through scores of them any night you go into town, and partly because the majority of frat house stag night antics have never held much allure for me anyway. As many pints as I could squeeze in at GUADEC was the closest I managed instead, but I’d have been having those anyway, and there wasn’t exactly much chance of a final fling there now, was there? :o)

2Don’t ask me why, I’ve just always had a strange aversion to them– I won’t even watch them in films or on the telly, if I can avoid it!

2 thoughts on “All set… ish”

  1. A beach in South Africa!?

    You do realise it’s still winter in South Africa, don’t you?

    I live in Cape Town and as I’m typing this I’m covered in three layers of clothing to try to keep warm. I hope the weather gets better by the time you come down here!


  2. Don’t worry, we’re not really coming for the beaches 🙂 We just have the one night booked at Port Elizabeth for general lazing around, be that on the beach or elsewhere– rest of the time we’ll be doing the usual touristy sightseeing stuff…

    Anyway, BBC weather forecast says it’s going to be 28C on Friday, so you’ve got that to look forward to 🙂

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