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gsettings is fast

sometimes people will come up to me at a conference and one way or another mention that they are avoiding using gsettings because they need their app to start “really fast”. at uds for example, someone asked me “i should be using a keyfile for this, right?”. gsettings has dconf as its backend. there are […]

gtk hackfest summary

the gtk hackfest came to a conclusion a bit over a week ago. since then we’ve had a gtk team irc meeting with the release team present to discuss the results. first, i’d like to thank everyone who came to the hackfest for the awesome work done. also, thanks to the gnome foundation for paying […]


this week i’m at uds with vuntz and andreas. there was obviously a big announcement yesterday. enough people are commenting on that already, and i don’t have anything that i really want to add to that conversation. on a more positive note, i want to mention something that was agreed during one of the desktop […]

gtk hackfest, day 2

codethink sent me to the gtk+ hackfest this week, hosted in the igalia offices. some really nice things are happening there so far. first of all, i landed GApplication on glib master (and in gtk too). sorry for any breakage that may have caused. actions support should be coming soon… second, after some discussion with […]

going to a coruña?

many have heard that the gtk hackfest is happening from October 18 to 22 in a coruña, galicia. if you intend to come, ensure that you are listed on the wiki page by september 6. past this point, we can not ensure availability in the hotel.

on the topic of the upcoming glib release

15:24 <mclasen> I guess I should say thanks everybody 15:24 <mclasen> great collaborative api breaking :-)

GSettings update

after quite some time, the GVariant, GSettings, dconf saga is coming to an end. for quite some time Codethink has been sponsoring me to spend a fair bit of time on this stuff and i’m happy to say that it’s reaching the point of usability. first of all: all existing code is now merged to […]

two notes on gsettings

1: the gsettings hackfest is on. april 12 – 17 in cambridge mass. see for more information. the goal is to get gsettings stable and merged into glib and to port some of the big desktop applications to it (panel, nautilus, evolution, etc). walking away from this hackfest we should be in a spot […]

i just returned from boston summit. boston summit is always scheduled on canadian thanksgiving which usually means that i can’t attend, but this year i bit the bullet. i’m glad i did. the three days of the conference were perhaps the three most productive days i have spent at any event. the entire attendence was […]

“be excellent to each other”

it’s perhaps a bug in the ubuntu code of conduct that it does not include something that we can find elsewhere — in the KDE code of conduct. i believe that “be excellent to each other” very much includes “assume that people mean well”. i’m personally a bit tired of seeing people repeatedly publicly flogged […]