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Programming the Arduino Nano

Recently I wanted to play a bit with the Arduino family of atmega microcontroller development board. I wanted a very simple to use and easy to develop for, small microcontroller board and went with the Arduino Nano v3.0. It’s really pretty … Continue reading

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Making sure go source passes gofmt before committing

Here is a nice little snippet to make sure your go code passes gofmt before committing. Put this in .git/hooks/pre-commit: #!/bin/sh set -e d=`mktemp -d –tmpdir gofmtcheck-XXXXXX` git checkout-index –prefix “$d/” -a ret=`find . -regex ‘.*\.go$’ -exec gofmt -d ‘{}’ … Continue reading

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Command line option parsing in go

There are a great many very cool things about go, but its builtin command line parsing package (flag) is not one of them. It lacks convenience, functionality and the generated help messages are plain ugly. Therefore I introduce: go-flags: It … Continue reading

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Video editing WTF

So once in a while, say every half a year, I have the need to do some very simple video editing. So every half a year I try various video editing software using GNOME technologies to see if any of … Continue reading

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Hiding git ignored files

Some projects that I work with tend to autogenerate a lot of files, autotools projects in particular are very good at that. Most gnome software correctly adds all the autogenerated files to .gitignore files automatically, so git nicely ignores them … Continue reading

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Avahi on fedora

I have been frustrated by avahi apparently not working properly on Fedora. Turned out I just had to disable the firewall… One more thing fedora could polish…

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gedit 3.2.6 released for OS X (native)

As you might know, gedit has been ported a while ago to run natively on OS X (and on windows for that matter). Lately, the OS X port has been lacking updates. This is mostly due to the huge changes … Continue reading

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gedit code assistance plugin

Just a quick update on the gedit code assistance plugin (see this previous post). We moved development from github to gnome infrastructure. You can find the repository here: There is also a first release of the plugin available on the … Continue reading

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Make yum faster

Pleeeaaaaase… It’s not acceptable, really… Note: This is a rant…

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gedit clang plugin progress

A quick update on the gedit clang integration. Here is a screenshot of the latest visualization of errors in source code: You can checkout the code on github for now: If you want to try it out, install the … Continue reading

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